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Selling Your Pharmacy

There are many factors that need to be understood when considering the sale of your pharmacy. In most cases it is your biggest investment and the desire to maximise your investment needs to be managed with great skill and care. In most cases financial information speaks for itself, however the macro factors and our ability to present the business to the market in the best possible manner will ensure a great result and a smooth transaction. We are mindful of your loyal customers and staff and ensure they are respected through the process, that’s why all buyers will be qualified buyers and made to sign Confidentiality Agreements with no direct contact with you and your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Business Sales represents you independently to the entire market. We don’t represent brands, pharmaceutical companies or groups that might have other competing factors other than getting you the best possible deal and support the sale until its conclusion.

There are many complex issues when selling a pharmacy. Not only do we gain an understanding of the business, we then value your business based on current market trends and our own unique knowledge of the industry and sales history.

We deal with the accountants and solicitors for both parties as well as banks, valuers, regulatory bodies and stocktakers. We do this in a way that makes the process as seamless as possible.

The internet has its place in the industry and is a great tool for transferring general information only. We are pleased to gather interest via the internet but we don’t rely on the interent when acting for our clients.

There is a lot more on the topic of how to sell your business, as each business is different.
Contact John King in Victoria or Dick Marris and Kelvin Wilson in Sydney on a confidential basis to discuss you individual business.