REIV Awards for Excellence, Winner - Business Broker of the Year 2010


  • Frank Chong

    Dear John,

    I've been the sole proprietor of Hartwell Pharmacy in Camberwell for over 6 years. I thoroughly enjoyed the many challenges and rewards of retail pharmacy. It is my professional life and my livelihood.

    When the time came to sell the business, especially when it was my first pharmacy, I had expectations of a nervous and prolonged "advertising period", not to mention how to value my business in line with the curent market.

    Selling a business is not something you do often, so knowing what to look for in an agent was not easy. I wanted the best agent, but how do I choose? Was it the one who quotes me the highest price, or the lowest commission?

    To be fair as the vendor, I considered wholesalers, I sought second and third brokers' opinions.

    In choosing you as the selling agent, you were honest with me and you worked hard to present the business for sale and advised me with offers that were put on the table.

    I believe the excellent sale price was only achieved and in the amazing two days that it took to sign the Heads of Agreement was due to your negotiation skills. Your approach in helping me to set a realistic asking price and skills in respectfully dealing with buyers to negotiate an outcome has made this selling experience surprisingly pleasant.

    Thank you for your valued service, and keep doing what you do!

    Frank Chong B.Pharm MPS

  • Andrew & Betty Crocker

    To whom it may concern,

    We enlisted the help of John King to sell our pharmacy business. We were amazed at how quickly John found us a buyer and the professionalism with which he did this. we thought that it might be quite difficult to sell our business as soon as we did, but John oversaw the whole process and ensured that our goals were attained very efficiently and confidentially. Barely had we signed up with him and eleven days later we were already signing with a purchaser!

    John showed himself to not only be very approachable but also very knowledgeable as far as answering any questions or where legal issues were concerned. He made it clear that he could be contacted with any queries, and provided ample help and guidance as to tasks we would have to attend to in order to ensure the sale process went as smoothly as possible.

    We wouldn't hesitate to approach John in the event of any future pharmacy purchases, and also any future business sales.

    Andrew & Betty Crocker

  • George Ruban

    Re: Lygon Pharmacy - Good Result

    Dear John,

    The dust appears to be settling following the sale of our pharmacy in late November.

    There are, of course, some final bills and paperwork to attend to but coming out the other side of the process Rosemary and I believe that it could not have gone much more smoothly. Our purchaser seems to be happy and quite comfortable in their new shop.

    When we engaged you in late October we really had no expectation that you would find us a genuine and qualified buyer within a week, achieve an excellent price for our business and that settlement would occur within six weeks of signing the Heads of Agreement. Outstanding!

    Thank you John, for your professional approach, your good humour and your guidance through, what was for us, unfamiliar territory. We greatly appreciate you always being contactable when the inevitable glitches arose. You helped to reduce a couple of potential mountains back to molehills. I appreciate that no two pharmacy sales are exactly alike but I am sure your talents and experience help to facilitate good outcomes, such as ours.

    Now Rosemary and I can spread the brochures out on the dining table and start working on that holiday.

    Kind regards and Best Wishes,
    George Ruban